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deconstructing christina

'I am not what you are. When you can do what I do either you are someone special or I am no one special.'

deconstruction: I could do what does if I suffered frontal lobe trauma

'Never honor Jews. To honor a Jew is to make a Jew your God.'

deconstruction: Jews make good gods, and some jews make good movies

'I'd rather slit your throat than have you tell me what to do. Achieve through cooperation only.'

deconstruction: keep sharp shiny object away from .
can cooperate by not forgetting to take her medication

'To make a living is to take a living.'

deconstruction: got fired from her job at Burger King

'Never tell me who I am - tell me who you are. I will tell you who I am.'

deconstruction: ' , you are a fucking idiot'

'To exist is to persist. Everything that ever was can still be.'

deconstruction: The year 2000 'was', but cannot 'still be', that is why we have to buy a new calendar every January

'Give yourself peace or go quietly. Disturbance and discord are extended and how long can you keep that up?'

deconstruction: they have kept up 'disturbance and discord' in the middle east for generations, and they will keep it up for many generations more

'A man's place is in his space. A woman's place is not in a man's space.'

deconstruction: a woman's place is the kitchen

'Better to break it than let you take it.'

deconstruction: do you think I am going to take it while you are standing around, shithead? I am going to take it when you are sleeping!

'To make me special is to make yourself special. Being special isn't necessarily a good thing.'

deconstruction: at an early age, fetalation took a 'special' test, and was then moved to a 'special' class, and rode in the 'special' short bus

'No one has the right to make me unhappy.'

deconstruction: Thankfully, no law has been written taking 's happiness into consideration

'Touch my work and it's yours. Better know what you're doing - it's in your hands.'

deconstruction: I wouldn't touch your 'work' with a ten foot pole
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