I stop at bloody accidents and stare (vittra) wrote,
I stop at bloody accidents and stare

Recently I have tried to open my internet explorer and found that my home page had been changed, so I changed it back to the site I wanted to open, and all was fine until I restarted my computer and that same page(a japanese page of some sort) opened again, so this time I selected default, to have the page that was the default when I installed explorer, but that set it to another completly different japanese web page, i tried following the links to both pages to see what it was and it took me to some strange japanese pornography page,(http://yumiko-rie.hoops.ne.jp/pucchi2/gol.htm) and i think the other one was (http://www.kogula.com) or something like that, I was wondering if this is a virus? and if it is not, how do I reset my default internet page?
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